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Since 1952, Petro Chem Technologies has provided professional services for the design, supply and installation of over 1200 petroleum, industrial, and military storage and loading arm transfer systems. Our reputation has been built upon providing our customers with the highest quality, most precise loading arm systems and fastest service in the industry. We also proudly hold exclusive rights to the design and distribution of aircraft hot refueling pantograph loading arm systems worldwide.

Petro Chem Technologies specializes in loading arm transfer systems, liquid/vapor petrochemical storage metering and pumping equipment based upon a total systems approach to equipment supply. Our physical transfer to and from aircraft, truck, trailer, railcar, barge and ship.


Petro Chem Technologies, Inc. was founded by John A. Savage in 1952, a pioneer in fuel delivery systems. Throughout the years, John Savage assisted in the development and innovation of what is now considered industry standard technology; Design of the first top loading arm, first aircraft underwing refueling system, First bottom loading facility, and supply of the first EPA Approved vapor recovery system.