Doha, Qatar

ChevronTexaco’s Caltex facility is a major supplier of JP-8 jet fuel for Al Udeid Air Base, one of the largest and most strategic US Air Force bases in the Middle East. Petro Chem Technologies was brought in to supply an installation of a 2.5 million gallon bulk storage unit for JP-8 jet fuel. At the time of completion, daily truck usage from the terminal to Al Udeid Air Base measured over 1 million gallons per day.

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Primary Components

  • State of the Art Skid Mounted Truck Loading Technology
    4 Bottom Loading Arms
  • Precision Turbine Flow Metering
  • Explosion-proof Electronic Preset
    With Digital Control Valves
  • Scully Overfill Protection
    Grounding Verification
  • Honeywell-ENRAF Bulk Storage Tank Gauging
  • ENRAF-Lubrizol High Accuracy Skid Mounted 3-Additive Injection System
    Additive Storage Tanks
    Central PLC Control System for Pump Annunciation Instantaneous Additive Injection Rate Control Tank Inventory System
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